Cut & Polish Compounds by Always Dry are the most advanced to date-

Corrective Paint Repair Stage 1 – CPR 1 is the best cutting compound to remove scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls/holograms. its Silicone & Dust free.

Heavy cut compound- Liquid sandpaper 

  • Stunning results in record time.
  • Latest Nano abrasives+chemical abrasives hybrid technology.
  • Effectively correct swirl marks, water spots, oxidation and other defects.
  • Corrects 1200-2000 grit scratches and leaves a high gloss shine.
  • Tough enough for scratch-resistant and ceramic clear coats.
  • Specially formulated for a longer working time without drying out.
  • Non-gritty Ultra smooth dust-free formula.
  • VOC-compliant, safe for all paint types.
  • Easy wipe off user-friendly formula.
  • Works well with hand, rotary or orbital polishers.
  • No silicone, no fillers, body shop safe.
  • Super concentrated thick formula.
  • Little goes a long way. Just 125mL of Product needed per vehicle*.