Cut & Polish Compounds by Always Dry are the most advanced to date-

CPR2 is the best polish to delivers amazing results, even on sensitive paints. Formulated with professional body shops and detailers in mind, this all-new formula quickly removes light paint defects like dual action machine haze and Rotary swirls, finishing flawlessly without haze, swirls or holograms.

CPR2 Finishing Polish rich polishing compound create a deep, glossy, brilliant finish, even when working with dark and sensitive paints. This exclusive formula is body shop safe and wipes off easily to reveal true results. CPR2 is also a versatile cleaner and polish that is safe and effective when working by hand, Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Buffer with virtually no dust, also its silicone free meaning no hidden scratches after removeal. CPR2 Polish is the perfect final step to obtain show car, swirl-free results after using Always DRY CPR1 Compound to remove heavy defects.

Ultra-fine polish that removes swirls – Free of any fillers

  • Dust free formula for a longer working time without drying out.
  • Latest nano-abrasion hybrid tech.
  • Perfects 2000-3000 grit scratches.
  • Effectively removes swirl marks, water spots, oxidation and other defects.
  • The non-gritty ultra smooth formula, little goes a long way.
  • Enhances colour and adds depth to the paint.
  • Produces a deep high gloss mirror-like shine.
  • VOC-compliant, safe for all paint types.
  • Non-drying easy wipe off user-friendly formula.
  • Works well with hand, Rotary or orbital polishers.
  • No silicone, waxes, glazes, or fillers, body shop safe.
  • Super concentrated thick formula.
  • Little goes a long way. On average just 60mL. The product needed per vehicle*.